Friday, January 06, 2006


I am not offended by the term coonass. Of course, I'm speaking as a coonass.

I bring this up because of a post on The Volokh Conspiracy about a woman who found the term racially offensive. According to a 12/25/2005 post on Volokh:
This reminds me of a case I wrote about in You Can't Say That!, in which a black woman won a large settlement after receiving a joke certificate designating her an 'honorary coonass'. She thought this was a racial slur, when it's actually a mildly derogatory slang word for 'Cajun.' The Coonass case was a bit more egregious, however, in that the complainant in that case actually won a jury verdict; the complainant's in the 'Ride Them Hard' case won a settlement, apparently largely because the school district's lawyer was thought to have mishandled the investigation, and the distict was afraid this would make them look bad before a jury. (Also, the 'coonass' case was decided in federal court, where it should have been easily dismissed by the judge under current hostile environment doctrine, even if it was a slur; New Jersey, in contrast, allows hostile environment doctrine, even if it was a slur; New Jersey, in contrast, allows hostile environment complaints based on a single remark, making much more difficult to get a case dismissed.) Regardless, this might just win my vote for the most ridiculous case of the year.

Freedom of speech tested

Late last year a Marquette dental student was suspended from the university when officials determined that a few of his blog entries violated professional conduct codes. The situation created a frenzy in the blogging community as well as mainstream media. In a vapid media release, the university announced that "the suspension has been overturned. Rather, the student will face three semesters of probation."

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ohio State in the news; it's not just for beating Notre Dame

I'm not sure who is giving former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett advice on life and living, but things aren't going well for the young man. The latest news involves him attempting to rob "two people at gunpoint in an alley behind a bar."

It was in 2002 that Maurice helped the Ohio State football team win the national championship. The following year he "was charged with misdemeanor falsification for filing a police report claiming that more than $10,000 in clothing, CDs, cash and stereo equipment was stolen from a car he borrowed from a local dealership." He sat out that season and unsuccessfully tried to enter the NFL draft on two occassions.

This reminds me of former LSU star running back Cecil Collins. This kid was a phenomenon whose rising star was sure to outshine that of teammate Kevin Faulk, now of the New England Patriots. In just 72 carries he rushed for 596 yards. It came to a quick end when "he was arrested twice and thrown off the LSU team. He transferred to Division I-AA McNeese State but then failed a court-ordered drug test. Collins then spent the next three months in prison and a halfway house."

Despite all of that, the Miami Dolphins gave him a shot and he was doing well before being "arrested on a burgary charge."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mike Tice out as Vikings coach

After this year's fiasco of a season that rivals anything the New Orleans Saints have ever done, Mike Tice has been fired. If nothing else, he has his ticket scalping operation to fall back on.

Affairs of a Sordid World: Favorite topics from 2005

I started Affairs of a Sordid World in July 2005 and one of my first (and most favorite) blog entries covered the politically correct denigration of the social tag 'coonass'. At the time I wrote, "I am exactly one-half Cajun. Ancestors on my mother's side of the family were the very first of the settlers expelled from Acadia. Additionally, I affectionately call myself (as well as others whom I am friends with) a coonass." Those feelings still apply.

It's a sordid world we live in and it's only through faith in each other that will help us through another year of political wrangling, natural disasters, death, survival and social upheavel. That's a lot to live for, isn't it?

Well, let's move on to the rest of my favorite blog entries (in no particular order) from 2005:
  • Islamic Crescent of Embrace: "Though the memorial for Flight 93 has been re-designed, it is still considered by many to be an Islamo-fascist shrine."
  • Barrett Report being squashed by Bill, Hillary Clinton?: "The scandals surrounding the Clinton administration go far beyond any skeletons in a closet. From Ken Starr's investigation and the Monica Lewinsky saga to Waco and the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, it was (and continues to be) The Clintongate Administration. In a December 20 blog entry I highlighted how a report by Independent Counsel David Barrett may cause Hillary Clinton to forgo her presidential aspirations when if it is released."
  • Exterminate white people: "'There is only one nigger on the planet. And the nigger that's on the planet is the one that's destroying the water. The one that's polluting the air. The one that's exploiting people and resources. The only nigger on the planet is the white man and the white woman ... The one idea is how we are going to exterminate white poeple because that, in my estimation, is the only conclusion I have come to."
  • Israel planning to open a can of whoop ass?: "In the latest episode of my god is better than your god, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a myth and that 'Europeans are responsible for any crimes that may have been committed against Jews, and that the 'oppressed Palestinian nation' should not have to pay the price of land.'"
  • Forbes and the attack of the killer blogs: "After seeing comments about a Forbes magazine article, Attack of the Blogs (They destroy brands and wreck lives. Is there any way to fight back?), I was concerned about the full scope and impact it might have on the blogging community ... The article essentially provides insight into how the business community is affected by blogs, how bloggers feed off of each other and how misinformation (either intentionally or unintentionally) spreads fervently."
  • U.N. control of the Internet: "As mentioned last month, 'abusers of civil rights — Cuba, China, Iran, Brazil and others — want the U.S. to rescind control of the Internet to the U.N.' A few weeks later the Chinese government shoots a bunch of people, tries to hide it and then makes 'a rare public admission'."
  • ction of Internet to world control: "Are you willing to spend time in prison and get whipped 124 times just so you can bask in the light of Cindy Sheehan while dousing Pres. Bush with sloven jeers?"
  • Freedom of speech in a blogging world: "When it comes to the freedoms we in the United States are afforded, the line between it and persecution can sometimes get blemished."
  • Saints get their marching papers: "The New Orleans Saints are a burden to the state of Louisiana. Prior to the damage received by Hurricane Katrina, Saints owner Tom Benson demanded the state build a new facility or they were leaving. This was quickly followed by a demand that the state invest tax dollars in the team to offset Benson's financial losses (the lone NFL team 'with a guaranteed cash subsidy from a state'). Like a Mardi Gras reveler being beat by a New Orleans cop, the state succumbed."
  • Blanco and Nagin: A Timeline of Ineptness: "It's interesting to note that local and state political leaders hesitated in their response despite warnings from President George Bush and National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield."
  • Jackass Michael Moore is at it again ...: "Politically blinded idiots like Michael Moore want you to believe that poverty, racial issues, the New Orleans disaster and everything else that's wrong in this world is caused by the Republicans. These images are the six state senators for Orleans Parish. Of the six, only one is a Republican and only two are white. In the Louisiana House of Representatives, there are 14 seats from Orleans Parish and 11 of them are Democrats."
  • Chronicle this, Anne Rice!: "The ever-intrepid Anne Rice wants to know why the federal government ignored New Orleans' call for help. As far as I'm concerned, the call for help wasn't ignored because none was ever made until days after the horror began."
  • Many have wondered about those outside of New Orleans: "A majority of the leadership in Orleans and Jefferson parishes are African-American Democrats. It's been the case for many, many years. I don't recall it ever being any other way. Despite not doing anything to help the citizens before and after Hurricane Katrina, these same local politicians have pointed fingers of blame at Pres. Bush and FEMA. In addition to the slow response, accusations of governmental racism are being tossed around by Jesse Jackson and other partisan demagogues."
  • Flushoff a success!: "The Great Cajundome Flushoff was a tremendous success."
  • Pelosi vs. DeLay: "My belief that all politicians are corrupt to one degree or another continues to be supported by such people as Rep. Tom DeLay. After Delay's recent indictment, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi remarked, 'The criminal indictment of Majority Leader Tom Delay is the latest example that Republicans in Congress are plagued by a culture of corruption at the expense of the American people.' Pelosi has short term memory loss. It was only last week the she was found guilty of violating federal election law similar to DeLay's indictment."
  • Why is Natalee Holloway so important?: "Why does the media feel that Natalee Holloway is so important? What about the children who go missing everyday? Are they not important enough for Greta and the media in general?"
  • Judicial enequality: "Why would the man who attempted by blackmail Cameron Diaz has been jailed for more than three years. At the same time, people who've committed arguably more severe crimes only get a hand slap."
  • Paint ... makes a body strong: "When things are going bad for you, just think of Patrick Tribett. If it's on The Smoking Gun you know it's going to be funny."
  • Bi-partisan: "New Orleans refugee Arpollo Vicks (aka Sharli'e Dominique) was jailed for five days 'after showering in the women's bathroom at a local shelter.' The county attorney declined to press charges against Vicks, a transgender -- born male but lives as a woman -- who was 'arrested Sunday by Texas A&M University Police for criminal trespassing after she exited a women's shower facility at Reed Arena"