Sunday, January 29, 2006

Socialist Cindy at it again

Having been out of the limelight far too long, Cindy "living off of my dead son's life insurance" Sheehan is considering running for the California senate seat currently occupied by Dianne Feinstein.

For the time being though, Cindy is attending the World Social(ist) Forum in Venezuela, home of Hugo Chávez. The purpose of the socialist group is to "condemn war and imperialism, and lend their support — although not unconditionally — to the changes introduced in this country by President Hugo Chávez."

Here's a little background on Chávez and his socialist activities:
The Venezuelan government is carrying out agrarian reform, redistributing government land and large private estates. It has launched mass literacy and adult education programmes, and set up basic health centres across the country -- many staffed by Cuban doctors. Outlets for subsidised food have also been put in place nationwide. As for foreign relations, Chávez speaks out strongly against the U.S. government and President George W. Bush, and is critical of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. He defends high crude oil prices and works to strengthen the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). And, under Chávez's policies, Venezuela supplies fuel to Caribbean and Latin American countries on preferential terms, as a form of cooperation.

Here's something I wrote a few weeks ago:
Pat Robertson on science: "'Chavez through the last quarter of the year kept pushing his agenda on a 'Socialism for the XXI Century' which included: more property confiscation, more free giving overseas, more incendiary rhetoric, more pro Castro, more anti US (even if disguised as anti Bush) and many more confrontational elements. In other words Chavez decided not to wait for his own reelection in December 2006 to make it a referendum on a new Venezuelan economical and social structure, but instead decided to get right now an assembly that would start implementing the changes as early as January 2006. Sweeping changes in the still brand new 1999 constitution were even discussed!'"


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Others have a differing opinion of President Chavez. I direct your attention to an article in “The Morning Call” at,,0,1254352.story.

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