Monday, January 02, 2006

Ohio State in the news; it's not just for beating Notre Dame

I'm not sure who is giving former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett advice on life and living, but things aren't going well for the young man. The latest news involves him attempting to rob "two people at gunpoint in an alley behind a bar."

It was in 2002 that Maurice helped the Ohio State football team win the national championship. The following year he "was charged with misdemeanor falsification for filing a police report claiming that more than $10,000 in clothing, CDs, cash and stereo equipment was stolen from a car he borrowed from a local dealership." He sat out that season and unsuccessfully tried to enter the NFL draft on two occassions.

This reminds me of former LSU star running back Cecil Collins. This kid was a phenomenon whose rising star was sure to outshine that of teammate Kevin Faulk, now of the New England Patriots. In just 72 carries he rushed for 596 yards. It came to a quick end when "he was arrested twice and thrown off the LSU team. He transferred to Division I-AA McNeese State but then failed a court-ordered drug test. Collins then spent the next three months in prison and a halfway house."

Despite all of that, the Miami Dolphins gave him a shot and he was doing well before being "arrested on a burgary charge."


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