Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marion Barry will probably be re-elected despite this ...

Having already spent six months in prison on drug charges and now facing further incarceration for income tax evasion, D.C. councilman and former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry is accused of failing "a court-ordered drug test in November ... The Washington Post reported in Wednesday's editions that Barry, 69, tested positive for cocaine following an Oct. 28 guilty plea to misdemeanor tax charges."

Perhaps he can vie for the U.S. presidency with Jonathon 'The Impaler' Sharkey as his running mate. Jonathon is honing his political skills by running in Minnesota's gubernatorial race. As the leader of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party, Jonathon said that his platform includes "the impaling of terrorists, rapists, drug dealers and other criminals, (an) emphasis on education, tax breaks for farmers and better benefits for veterans." He has already filed as a candidate in the 2008 presidential elections.


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