Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Marcus Vick is a hoodlum

I would rather draft my deceased grandmother, Ryan Leaf or Terrell Owens than have to deal with Marcus Vick. This punk is pure hoodlum. The most recent in a string of illegal and inane events involves Marcus' brandishing of a firearm on three unsuspecting teenagers at a McDonald's.

His history of unlawful activity includes:
  • Kicked off the Virginia Tech football team for unsportsmanlike conduct during a recent bowl game.
  • Speeding and driving with a suspended drivers license.
  • A drug arrest and a sordid array of other ineptness.
Marcus and Maurice Clarett seem to be cut from the same cloth. As written on SportsFan Magazine, "(Clarett has) wasted more opportunities than many ever receive and has been given more second chances than deserved because his potential on the field is so great. But from filing false police reports to bad-mouthing Ohio State in a national magazine and trying to bend NFL rules to go pro before eligible, the former running back from Youngstown has managed to tackle himself." If you recall, Maurice was recently arrested amid accusations he tried to mug someone at gun point. A spooky trend among NFL hopefuls.

For some reason this all brings me to the topic of racism in the NFL's upper echelon. Why, I don't know, but the New Orleans City Council decided it needed to pass a unanimous resolution to request the Saints hire former NFL player Doug Williams as the team's new coach. There seems to be no hint of this being a racial decision; however, I have my doubts. Again, SportsFan Magazine writes, "The next time someone tells you about how the NFL coaching fraternity is 'racist', ask them to explain this one. Mike Sherman went 4-12 with the Packers and that was his first losing season. He got fired and is looking for work as we speak. Herm Edwards went 4-12 with the Jets (giving him an NFL career head coaching record of 39-41). Edwards moved from the Jets to the Chiefs and got a raise of about $1M per year. I don't begrudge Edwards that position in the least; I do note however that coaching decisions are probably most often made on the basis of 'personal contacts' and 'friendships' and not always on the basis of race."


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