Monday, January 16, 2006

Clinton revisionist history

Here is a sample from The Conservative Voice on Bill Clinton's revisionist history:
ABC's Nightline Aids Clinton's Revisionism on NSA Spying: For eight years, Bill Clinton saturated the news media with his exploits in the White House. And now that he's no longer president — and unlike most former presidents — he's still getting major press coverage on a daily basis. It's understandable since without the adulation and love poured on the man known as Slick Willie, he'd be left alone with himself. And the reality would set in that beneath all the bluster and verbal gymnastics lay a man who's basically an empty suit. But for now, that is a non-problem for Clinton.

For example, Thursday night Bill appeared on ABC's Nightline on which he was interviewed by newsman Terry Moran. When Moran asked Clinton questions regarding what the media calls domestic spying by the National Security Agency, Mr. Clinton said that President Bush may have broken the law when he authorized the National Security Agency to conduct surveillance on US-based terrorists.

Asked if he thought Bush had gone too far by circumventing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to wiretap terrorists, Clinton told ABC's Nightline audience, 'As a legal proposition, I don't know.'

He claims it would have been better if his successor had followed established legal guidelines and that 'it seems to me that unless there's a reason not to, we ought to use that surveillance court.'

Then without batting an eye, Clinton told viewers yet another whopper and was given yet another pass by the media. He said that when he was president, he always tried to work within the constraints of the law.


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He's actually conned himself....

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