Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kenny will be OK

For all of his fans out there who don't have a life, Kenny Chesney wants you to know that he'll be OK after his breakup from Renee Zellweger.

Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans political disaster

To hear and read the latest on N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin and Lt. Gen. Honore as they combat the press and other issues, click here.

One step beyond Geraldo and Springer

Some freak talk show host in Amsterdam "plans to take heroin and LSD on the air in a program intended to reach young audiences on topics that touch their lives."

Able Danger

"The Department of Defense forbade a military intelligence officer to testify Wednesday about the work of a secret military unit that identified four Sept. 11 hijackers more than a year before the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks, according to the man's attorney. In written testimony prepared for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, attorney Mark Zaid, who represents Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, said the Pentagon also refused to permit testimony there by a defense contractor that he also represents."

Till death do us part ...

"John and Leola Lyons stayed together, locked in their neat little blue house, riding out the killer storm and the flood that followed. A pair of agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms found the elderly couple inside their house Tuesday, more than three weeks after Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans. John was keeping watch over his wife's body."

Identity theft post-Hurricane Katrina

"[Louisiana] is getting reports of attempted identity theft by applicants illegally trying to get federal aid for Hurricane Katrina, officials said Tuesday. They are the latest wave of post-storm consumer complaints, which previously focused on alleged price gouging and problems with cell phone service. Isabel Wingerter, director of the public protection division of the state Attorney General's office, said the office has gotten about 50 telephone calls on identity theft. The volume of complaint calls has not changed much, but 'the issues have changed,' she said. Wingerter said the latest problem surfaced when legitimate hurricane victims tried to apply for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, and were told that someone had already applied using their social security number."

SGA declares war

"The student government at Emory University is trying a novel approach to helping students: declaring “war” on Washington University in St. Louis. At Wash U., however, students appear to have other concerns and most of them are ignoring the war, possibly forcing Emory combatants to take both sides in a war of insults."

Cindy Sheehan wants your attention

"Cindy Sheehan will be showing up in Washington, D.C. Thursday to promote an anti-war ad campaign:"
The print ads, with the tag line, 'They Lied, They Died' will run in 14 major newspapers covering several congressional districts across the United States. The TV ad will begin airing on Washington, DC cable and nationwide on CNN this Thursday with a combined buy of over $1 million.

How the Media Kill

"This year is already the deadliest for American soldiers in Afghanistan since the war of 2001, and the violence is likely to intensify before the nation's legislative elections on Sept. 18."

"That was the lead in an August 22 New York Times story by Carlotta Gall. There was another reason why violence has accelerated this year. But the Times didn't want to mention it. And that is that Newsweek's false 'Koran in the toilet' story unleashed the forces of global terror against our troops."

The Great Lie of Islam

"America cleans up after Katrina, the Islamics must be tremendously disappointed that the confusion was brief, the death toll much less than predicted, and that Americans have quickly moved to help fellow Americans in a time of need. Like spoiled children, Islamics have decided they didn't like being bumped off the front page of the major newspapers and television outlets by a hurricane. How quickly people can forget about them. The Iraqi people have suffered the effects of an al Qaeda tantrum to get their faces back on page one. Even the elusive and camera shy Abu Musab al-Zarqawi couldn't resist bragging about the great 'kill' that Islam carried out in Iraq. Taking it a step farther, al-Zarqawi has dedicated himself to killing as many Iraqi Shia Muslims as possible. That is the great lie of Islam. Since the attack on America on 9/11, Muslims have been telling the world that Islam is peace, Islam is love, and Muslims never kill except in self defense. Another Islamic lie is that Muslims never lie. There is hardly a Muslim living on this planet who truly believes Islam promotes peace and love. There are many who wish Islam was peaceful, but they know that peace is not on the Islamic agenda and never has been throughout history."

Not censorship

Communist news agency Reuters reports, "When U.S. officials asked the media not to take pictures of those killed by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, they were censoring a key part of the disaster story, free speech watchdogs said on Wednesday. The move by the Federal Emergency Management Agency is in line with the Bush administration's ban on images of flag-draped U.S. military coffins returning from the Iraq war, media monitors said in separate telephone interviews."

They were asked, not forced and threatened to not take photos of corpses from Hurricane Katrina. The article goes on to argue that FEMA should allow reporters on rescue boats and, by not doing so, is censoring the press.

It's ridiculous, I know.

Being the expert, Nagin ignores government's aid

"Three people have died from bacterial infections in Gulf states after Hurricane Katrina, and tests confirm that the water flooding New Orleans is a stew of sewage-borne bacteria, federal officials said on Wednesday. A fourth person in the Gulf region is suspected to be infected with Vibrio vulnificus, a common marine bacteria, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Julie Gerberding told reporters, citing reports from state health officials in Mississippi and Texas."

Flipper killed

"Wildlife authorities appalled by the stabbing of a bottlenose dolphin believe the mammal's normally curious and trusting nature may have led to its killing. One of a population of about 80 in Victoria's Port Phillip Bay, the female dolphin was found dead with seven stab wounds on Sunday at Eastern Beach in Geelong, west of Melbourne."

Another reason to despise Starbucks

"Coffee cups with a gay author's quote about growing up homosexual have been pulled from Baylor University's Starbucks coffee shop. Dining contractor Aramark pulled the cups earlier this month from the campus store following an e-mail sent to Baylor's dining service, saying the quote was inappropriate at a Baptist University."

Monica and Bill Clinton

"A rubber company in China has begun marketing condoms under the brand names Clinton and Lewinsky, apparently seeking to exploit the White House affair that led to the impeachment of America's 42nd president. Spokesman Liu Wenhua of the Guangzhou Rubber Group said the company was handing out 100,000 free Clinton and Lewinsky condoms as part of a promotion to raise consumer awareness of its new products."

HEADLINE NEWS: Barry Bonds doesn't want your attention

"In the nation's capital on his first road trip of 2005, Barry Bonds questioned why Congress, the media and fans continue to talk about steroids. Barry Bonds Bonds would like everyone to be quiet about steroids -- just like he told people to shush after home run No. 706. 'I think we have other issues in this country to worry about that are a lot more serious. I think you guys should direct your efforts into taking care of that,' the San Francisco Giants slugger said Tuesday before facing the Washington Nationals. 'Talk about the athletes that are helping Katrina. Ask yourselves how much money y'all personally donated and have helped.'"

In other words, don't ask me about my illegal steroid use.

What are these guys thinking?

What do you suppose Honore and Allen were thinking when this picture was taken?
  1. How'd this guy get elected mayor?
  2. I shouldn't have eaten that last bean burrito.
  3. Am I too late for some good looting?
  4. Nagin needs to shut up and let us do the job properly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tom Delay and Karl Rove

Dear Friend,

Last week you heard from DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel about the Campaign for Change - a partnership between the DCCC and thousands of Americans dedicated to leaving a better country to their children. While George W. Bush is not on the ballot next year, his Rubber Stamp Congress is - and together we can stop this misguided right wing agenda by electing a Democratic Majority in the House.

Please sign on to the Campaign for Change, plug in to our strategy and give us your ideas on how we can help you bring the truth to your friends and neighbors:

Demand Change: Tell Us What You Need.

The timing is right: Republican poll numbers are tanking and even the most skeptical pundits are conceding that the House is in play, Tom DeLay and Karl Rove know their empire is in danger, and they are terrified and will do or say anything to retain their power. We need you on board now with the Campaign for Change to keep DeLay and Rove up against the wall, and we want your input on how to bring our message into your community.

Hardly a day goes by that we don't pick up the paper and see some Republican disgrace, some deep betrayal of the trust that Americans have placed in their leaders. Even now, with Americans getting crunched every time they go the gas pump, Republicans are giving new handouts to pad the profits of their oil industry pals. Today the latest news is the Administration's top procurement official resigned and was arrested for lying and obstructing a criminal investigation into Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff's dealings with the federal government. There's a reason this happens every day: because they keep getting away with it.

We at the DCCC also hear from our supporters every day, people like you, asking why Democrats let them get away with it. The answer to that is simple too: Republicans have the majority, they hold the hearings, they have the subpoena power - and Republicans don't investigate Republicans.

If you pay attention carefully, their entire agenda regarding the potential investigation of failures to the Hurricane Katrina response is the same: stack the investigation with Republicans and make sure Democrats cannot subpoena the documents we need to get the truth. And of course Karl Rove is in charge of the rebuilding effort.

Demand Change: Tell Us What You Need.

Republicans are not wasting a single day activating their well-heeled propaganda machine. We can't waste a day either. The question is how do we do it. The answer is person by person, community by community. Together we can form a network to defeat Republicans in every corner of the country.

While we're a national committee, we fight in congressional districts in every region in the country -and we turn to people like you because nobody knows what will work in your community better than you.

There is not a single Republican in the House who can claim to have stood up against Tom DeLay and Karl Rove's pay-for-play nonsense. And not a single one deserves to be let off the hook. It's my job to make sure they are not.

Sign on to the Campaign for Change to show the Republicans our strength - and while you're there tell us how we can help you and others make a difference in your neck of the woods:

Demand Change: Tell Us What You Need.

Stay tuned, and stay vigilant.


John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC

P.S. - This is only beginning. In the weeks to come we will be sending out information on events, actions and victories. Also, we'll report back soon on some of the ideas that you and your fellow Americans have contributed - then it will be time to put them into action.

LSU views of Michael Brown

"Yeah, I understand that we’ve never had something like this before, it is bigger than FEMA," said [Megan] Decuir. "He probably should have done a better job."

A look at the Louisiana spin

"Internet kooks, talk radio hosts, and the voices of Louisiana's media underground are livid. Many of them are alleging a sham in Louisiana's mass media during, and now after Katrina. As documented in the national press, Governor Kathleen Blanco and mayor Ray Nagin were criticized for the Louisiana's limp response. Mayor Ray Nagin has gone on record blaming the feds. In his now notorious interview with WWL, he told the feds to 'get off your asses.' He lashed out saying that ' probably have thousands of people that have died and thousands more that are dying every day...' At this time, the body count is less than 800. To date, the biggest mistake he's admitted is that he expected the 'calvary to arrive.' For all his carping about the Feds, Mayor Nagin didn't seem too pleased when they tried to show authority. On Fox News, he was asked about Admirial Thad Allen's comments that it's too soon to bring everyone home to NO. He respoded with sarcasm, saying I'm a little surprised he came out public with that statement, I don't know, guess since I've been gone a couple of days he is the new crowned mayor of NO.' A bit of sarcasm there Mr. Mayor?"

Celine Dion freaks out

Not that I'm a big fan of Larry King, but he did get Celine Dion to freak out and that's cool with me.

Blanco's approval ratings

The approval rating for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco is at 41%.

Jobs gives the finger

"Apple Computer chief Steve Jobs says he will resist music companies' demands for price hikes on the iTunes music download site. Jobs says some record companies want an increase for each download, currently at 99 cents a song on the U.S. iTunes site. Jobs warned such a move would encourage piracy. He also said record companies already make more profit by selling a song through iTunes than on a CD. Jobs said the companies' desire to raise prices amounts to greed."

Wendy's giving the finger

"A Las Vegas man says it's time for Wendy's to serve up his $100,000 reward. Mike Casey said he helped the fast-food company unravel the scam involving a fingertip slipped into a bowl of chili in a restaurant in San Jose."

Saint Cindy the Martyr

"Stephen Spruiell, over at National Review, is doing his best to keep ABC News honest and stop them from martyring Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan says she was only jostled when police broke up a peace rally in New York City. The police arrested organizer Paul Zulkowitz when they broke up the rally. Zulkowitz had failed to get a permit for the rally. Despite the wire copy used by ABC News clearly using Cindy Sheehan's own words that she was 'jostled' when the police broke up the rally, ABC News chose a headline that proclaimed 'Peace Activist Sheehan Hurt at Rally' with a subheading that read 'Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan Says She Was Roughed Up at New York Rally Scuffle.' Those words do not accurately reflect what Sheehan said. And, not to nitpick, but perhaps 'Anti-War Activist' would be more accurate than 'Peace Activist.' Remember, you can do your part to respond to Cindy Sheehan and the Peaceniks. Go here for details."

Bush on porn

"The FBI is joining the Bush administration's War on Porn. And it's looking for a few good agents. Early last month, the bureau's Washington Field Office began recruiting for a new anti-obscenity squad. Attached to the job posting was a July 29 Electronic Communication from FBI headquarters to all 56 field offices, describing the initiative as 'one of the top priorities' of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and, by extension, of 'the Director.' That would be FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III."

Come on home, Nagin says. It's safe, Nagin says.

"As the floodwater recedes in New Orleans, scientists are testing it and the mud it leaves behind to answer a big question: Is the city on its way to becoming safe to inhabit? The answers aren't all in yet, but many experts are optimistic that most of New Orleans could be safely resettled in a few months. The search for hazardous chemical contamination in the water and flood sediment are part of the larger question of what the long-term environmental impact of Hurricane Katrina will be across the broad region it struck. The hard data scientists need to gauge the long-term risks are still emerging. So far, though, results of the testing in New Orleans are encouraging, says Jerry Fenner, who's leading a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team that is assessing the city's environmental health risks."

Crooked teeth and TV

"A Texas woman has sued ABC's popular reality show 'Extreme Makeover' for more than $1 million claiming among other things that an abrupt cancellation of her appearance on the program led to her sister's death. Deleese Williams of Conroe, Texas, claims she came to Los Angeles to be a contestant on the show after undergoing a series of medical exams to determine if her crooked teeth and droopy eyes could be fixed and her small breasts enhanced, according the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit starts with the blunt description: 'Deleese Williams is considered ugly' and says one doctor promised her 'a Hollywood smile like Cindy Crawford.' ... The suit claims the "Extreme Makeover" crew manipulated Williams' sister, Kellie, into making cruel statements about Williams' looks. The night before Williams was to begin her makeover, the show's producers told her it would take too long for work on her jaw to heal. They canceled her appearance and sent Williams home where Kellie, distraught over what she had said about her sister, eventually killed herself, according to the suit ... This isn't the first time a TV show has been linked to a death. In 1995, the 'Jenny Jones Show' syndicated talk program became the center of controversy after one guest murdered another who revealed his homosexual 'secret crush' on TV."

"we all mourn in differant ways!"

From "The Baxter" [i run erands....everyday on the way to the target store, I SEE CRAP, ignorant people and stuff that tickles my anger bone. now enjoy my journeys(and mis spellings)]:

"Americans have a short attention span when it comes to life, hurricane this, aruban rapist that, then 'oh look, something shiney..... huh the space shuttle blew up??? what about the greenbay packers???' schiavos in Iraq? cool. now that the NFL season is powering up, i can only hope cowboy fans and 'settlers' from the big easy can all get along! some of the refugee's had swords and were yelling dirty words at authorities, i read that online (internet=truth) Mardi gras planners hope to still set up for this years events....they admit it will be 'scaled back' a bit! really??? my guess is one tent, and a kick ass kegger. maybe if all the christians would start buying the 'GIRLS GONE WILD' videos we could rebuild this city!"

National Dog Week

"At no time in history have dogs been more important than they are today. Seventy-five years ago Capt. Will Judy organized National Dog Week. It was to honor the dog and all the wondrous things that it has done for us. During World War II we saw the brave deeds that dogs did on the land, the sea and in the air. September 11th reinforced those wonderful images of dogs doing the dirty, nitty-gritty work needed to help their human buddies. Finding lost people in the wilderness or under the tons of a collapsed building or a white avalanche of snow the dog is there. Between these major and small wars the dog has helped the blind, the deaf, the lame and the infirmed in so many ways. Sled dogs rushed the serum to Nome and dogs have always been there on the farms and other remote places helping people. Centuries ago the dog helped people put food on the table by assisting the hunter. Today's dogs, much removed and improved from those earlier dogs are still at helping the sportsman and hunter. Even the simple task of companionship to a small child has made the world a better place. They have always been at our sides to comfort and help us. Let us return all those favors bestowed on us by the dog. During the last full week in September celebrate National Dog Week as it has been for the last 76 years."

What the hell?!

Involuntary manslaughter

The trial of retired dentist Constantine Pitsas began today. He's charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of 4-month-old Benjamin Glynn after he "poured weed killer he mistook for spring water" into the infant's bottle.

Hurricane Rita latest (9/29 @ 1:59P CST)

Kerry, Edwards begin 2008 campaign

"Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and former Sen. John Edwards spoke separately Monday on the government's handling of the [Hurricane Katrina] catastrophe and on the broader issue of poverty in the United States. In a blistering critique, Kerry said former Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown was to Hurricane Katrina 'what Paul Bremer is to peace in Iraq; what George Tenet is to 'slam dunk intelligence'; ... what George Bush is to 'Mission Accomplished' and 'Wanted Dead or Alive.' ... The bottom line is simple: The 'we'll do whatever it takes' administration doesn't have what it takes to get the job done.'"

Eminent domain and The New York Times

Meer weeks after 9/11, The New York Times stepped up to do its part. The newspaper, in response to Kelo v. City of New London (a Supreme Court decision which upheld governments’ broad leeway to use eminent domain to transfer property from one private owner to a richer one), wrote "in an editorial entitled 'The Limits of Property Rights,' [that Kelo] is 'a welcome vindication of cities’ ability to act in the public interest' and 'a setback to the ‘property rights’ movement, which is trying to block government from imposing reasonable zoning and environmental regulations.'"

"'We believe there could not be a greater contribution,' [New York Times Co. Vice Chairman and Senior Vice President Michael] Golden told a clutch of city officials and journalists, 'than to have the opportunity to start construction of the first major icon building in New York City after the tragic events of Sept. 11.' Bruce Ratner, president of the real estate development company working with the Times on its proposed new Eighth Avenue headquarters, called the project a 'very important testament to our values, culture and democratic ideals.'"

"Those 'values' and 'democratic ideals' included using eminent domain to forcibly evict 55 businesses — including a trade school, a student housing unit, a Donna Karan outlet, and several mom-and-pop stores — against their will, under the legal cover of erasing 'blight,' in order to clear ground for a 52-story skyscraper. The Times and Ratner, who never bothered making an offer to the property owners, bought the Port Authority–adjacent property at a steep discount ($85 million) from a state agency that seized the 11 buildings on it; should legal settlements with the original tenants exceed that amount, taxpayers will have to make up the difference. On top of that gift, the city and state offered the Times $26 million in tax breaks for the project, and Ratner even lobbied to receive $400 million worth of U.S. Treasury–backed Liberty Bonds — instruments created by Congress to help rebuild Lower Manhattan. Which is four miles away."

Sheehan the Wizard at Odds

An excellent commentary on Cindy "Damn you, President Bush" Sheehan, Hillary "Where's my intern" Clinton, Louis "Mother Ship" Farrakhan and others.

Here are some of the highlights:
"As she did with President Bush, Sheehan is demanding a meeting with Clinton. She said Sen. Clinton 'knows [that Iraq] is a lie' and then accused her of placing her political ambitions ahead of expressing opposition to the war and that she is waiting for the best 'political moment' to say it. Then Sheehan threw down the gauntlet to Clinton when she threatened: 'You say it or you're losing your job!' Reports are that that the liberal church assembly loved it!"

"Apparently, Sheehan has become the latest anarchistic and inane voice of the New Democrat Party and her earsplitting message seems to be 'Do what I tell you to do or you'll be sorry--very sorry! I control all of you now.' Fully taking advantage of her time in the limelight, Sheehan has become as controversial as she needs to be in order to justify her contract with Speakers Bureau."

"Then there is (sigh) still-smarting failed presidential Kandidate Kerry. Due to his not receiving much publicity lately, he has come out (as have all of the other leftist Dems) to blast President Bush for Hurricane Katrina. Deciding to follow the ever-growing cacophonous crowds of dissident Dems, Kerry pompously called President Bush's team the 'Katrina Administration', trailing with an additional politicization-of-the-tragedy statement: 'The truth is that for four and a half years, real life choices have been replaced by ideological agenda, substance replaced by spin, governance second place always to politics.' Remember--the preeminent tactics in the overall strategy of the Democrat Party is to 1. Find fault with everything President Bush does (if a Democrat is really to blame) and 2. Blame him for everything 'bad' that happens in the world (especially if a Democrat is really to blame)."

"As a final note, we have the always inimitable Nation of Islam's 'Minister' Louis Farrakhan who, by the way, says he just returned from a 'trip to the Mother ship'. In another of his wondrous and inexplicable ways designed to bring more racism and hatred back into the mix, Farrakhan said: 'I heard from a very reliable source, who saw a 25 foot deep crater under the levee breach. It may have been blown up to destroy the black part of town and keep the white part dry.' Yeah, Rev--sure you did. This is yet another example of Islam (albeit one of the odder Islamic groups) and the Leftists joining forces, again, to bring down America--and becoming more fanatical and mindless each and every time. It seems that, these days, that's what the more rational and intelligent must contend with--growing insanity from those who are dissident about everything sensible."

Chertoff in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

The Democractic National Committee has released Chertoff AWOL As Katrina Strikes.

Identity theft at a hotel

"If Peter Wallace’s recent experience with hotel access cards is an indicator, leaving your electronic hotel room key behind when you check out could leave you open to identity theft. Wallace, IT director at AAA Reading-Berks in Wyomissing, Penn. has been bringing a card reader with him on business trips to see what's on the magnetic strips of his hotel room access cards. To his dismay, a surprising number have contained his name and credit card information - and in unencrypted form."

Another 'victim' of Hurricane Katrina

"A 43-year-old woman was arrested Monday and charged with filing a false claim for assistance as a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Kim Horn, of Mason, is accused of defrauding the city, which is about 15 miles south of Lansing. She is also accused of bilking local charities, which contributed a house, money and other items to Horn and her 6-year-old daughter. Mason Police Chief John Stressman said Horn claimed she left Louisiana because of the hurricane, which hit the Gulf Coast Aug. 29. But Horn actually moved to Michigan nine days before the hurricane came ashore, Stressman said."

Cocaine Kate

Kate Moss, model and mother of a two-year-old daughter, has lost one modelling gig as a result of her cocaine use. Moss has been "featured in a slew of lurid tabloid tales of 'sex and drug' excesses."

Not surprsingly, her drug use is not considered a problem by fashion insiders. Britain's The Times reports designer Julian Macdonald as saying, "Poor Kate - she was just trying to lead her own life."

"The Swedish clothing chain Hennes & Mauritz said Tuesday it will drop a planned advertising campaign with model Kate Moss after she admitted to recently using cocaine."

Harking back to the 5.25" floppy days

For those of you who recall the days of 5.25" (I remember having to load programs onto a TRS-80 with cassette tapes), be sure to check out Kevin's Elephant Memory Systems Tribute Page.

I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon.

If you missed this year's Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can still check out a few pirate tattoos.

What an idiot!

"Federal officials warned that Tropical Storm Rita (search) could breach the city's weakened levees and swamp the city all over again.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is, in my opinion, an idiot. He doesn't want to listen to the advice sent down there to save his ass because "I respect what federal officials are doing down here, but they do not fully comprehend what it's like to lose your home, to lose everything and not know and to be sitting out there for three weeks. So I think it's important for people to come back and at least take a look."

Today he's wishing he had listened to those who know what they're talking about as word of Hurricane Rita started spreading.

Nazi hunter dies

"Simon Wiesenthal, the Holocaust survivor who helped track down Nazi war criminals following World War II and spent the later decades of his life fighting anti-Semitism and prejudice, has died aged 96."
  • "Wiesenthal spent more than 50 years hunting Nazi war criminals, speaking out against neo-Nazism and racism, and remembering the Jewish experience as a lesson for humanity. Through his work, he said, some 1,100 Nazi war criminals were brought to justice."
  • "... Wiesenthal began his work on May 9, 1945 — the day after World War II ended — by presenting his American liberators a list of Nazi war criminals that he had compiled. He took on a task nobody else wanted."
  • "He was perhaps best known for his role in tracking down Adolf Eichmann, the one-time SS leader who organized the extermination of the Jews. Eichmann was found in Argentina, abducted by Israeli agents in 1960, tried and hanged for crimes committed against the Jews."
  • "Among others Wiesenthal tracked was Austrian policeman Karl Silberbauer, who he believes arrested the Dutch teenager Anne Frank and sent her to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where she died. Officials never reacted to the tip. Wiesenthal decided to pursue Silberbauer in 1958 after a youth told him he did not believe in Anne Frank's existence and murder, but would if Wiesenthal could find the man who arrested her. His five-year search resulted in Silberbauer's 1963 capture."
  • "Wiesenthal did not bring to justice one prime target — Dr. Josef Mengele, the infamous 'Angel of Death' of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Mengele died in South America after eluding capture for decades.
  • "Ironically, it was the furor over Kurt Waldheim, who became president in 1986 despite lying about his past as an officer in Hitler's army, that gave Wiesenthal stature in Austria."

An emotional misunderstanding

It's not a scandal or conspiracy, but it's interesting none-the-less.

"The Jefferson Parish president's emotional retelling of a mother's desperate calls from a New Orleans nursing home included details that conflict with the timeline of the tragedy. The story, of a colleague's mother begging her son for rescue as flood waters rose after Hurricane Katrina, came to prominence on Sunday, Sept. 4, when Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans, was interviewed by Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press. New details and interviews with the son whose mother died in the flood show that the tragedy unfolded from Saturday through Monday, Aug. 29 — not Monday through Friday, Sept. 2 as recounted by Broussard. The owners of the nursing home were indicted Tuesday for the deaths of more than 30 residents, which officials say occurred on Aug. 29."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mayor Nagin ... get out!

"On Fox News Sunday, (New Orleans Mayor Ray) Nagin was asked about Admirial Thad Allen's comments that it's too soon to bring everyone home to (New Orleans). He responded with sarcasm, saying '...guess since I've been gone a couple of days he is the new crowned mayor of (New Orleans).'"

Pro-GOP group sued

"Federal election officials on Monday sued a pro-Republican political group to try to force it to comply with campaign finance limits, the first lawsuit of its kind to arise from big-money fundraising during the 2004 elections. The Federal Election Commission filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in Washington against the Club for Growth. The group spent at least $21 million in the 2003-04 election cycle. The FEC contends the group spent enough in federal races to require it to file with the commission as a political committee and to abide by contribution and spending limits."

Nagin's stupidity in lieu of common sense

Everyday New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin exemplifies why he'll be re-elected. It's the sheer brilliance that the man portrays and his complete grasp of how to help his constituents. This man should run for governor or even president. He's the best!

Nagin, who earlier chastised Thad Allen for anointing himself the "new crowned federal mayor of New Orleans", has decided that perhaps it's best to suspend all re-entry into the city and is encouraging "everyone in the area to evacuate."

Earlier reports stated: "Nagin is responding to Thad Allen's repeated public comments questioning if the city is ready for people to return. Residents started trickling back in Monday under Nagin's phased return. Allen has been warning about the lack of safe drinking water, shaky city services and threat of another storm. Nagin told Fox News that residents 'deserve the opportunity to see what they have left and what they can salvage.' He said if Allen is suggesting he is 'pushing a little hard,' the admiral is right. An Army Corps of Engineers commander in charge of draining the city said depending on Tropical Storm Rita's path and strength, people may have to evacuate again."

Later in the day, Nagin changed his mind and cancelled the all-clear order, stating, "Our levee systems are still in a very weak condition. Any type of storm that hits us will put ... us into harm's way."

Cindy's PR machine

"To hear the media tell it, antiwar celebrity Cindy Sheehan has become famous because of her unique position as the grieving mother of a fallen solder ... a woman who left her home and family to camp out in Crawford, Texas, near the President's ranch, to cry her way into our hearts and so end the war in Iraq by speaking truth to power. The truth about power is that virtually anyone can become famous in America today if they have enough money ... long-time liberal activists Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame ... one of whom, Ben Cohen, has been spending a lot of money lately turning Cindy Sheehan into the Mother of All Protestors. What you don't see while Cindy is grieving for the cameras is the trailer full of PR professionals, makeup artists, hair stylists, and other apparatchiks that one would think more appropriate for a starlet on location.
Heading up the PR effort is Michelle Mulkey, an Account Director with Fenton Communications in San Francisco. Their client list reads like a Who's Who of left-leaning foundations and non-profits. A look at their web site makes it clear that whatever else they do, they do not come cheap."

Socialist protestors

"Between the homeless, the unemployed, the trust funders, and the hippie college types, the Peace Movement is well stocked with societal rejects and dope smoking FM types. This weekend, they will be protesting in Washington. It is more difficult for those who support the war effort, the nation, and the troops. We all have jobs, mostly outside the government section, and cannot afford to hop a bus to Washington to counter protest the unemployed and stoned blame America first crowd. Well, it has gotten a bit easier for us. On Saturday, September 24, 2005, Operation Iraqi Hope will lead a counter-protest to support our country and our troops. The operation will follow the smell of pot and body odor communists and assorted peaceniks, reminding them that the majority of this country supports this country and does not want to live in a third world communist dictatorship presided over by Ramsey Clark and Cindy Sheehan. You can do your part. If you have a group of ten or more, Operation Iraqi Hope will help get you to Washington. Support our troops and go here for more information."

Moralists and Hurricane Katrina

"Moralists conclude that God in his mercy permitted the homosexuals to witness (Hurricane Katrina's) devastation as a divine warning. If that is true, God was giving homosexuals another opportunity to repent of their wickedness and so return to the godly lifestyle laid out in the Bible."

Still no link to man-made global warming

It's obvious that the earth is in a global warming cycle that will continue for millions of years. Review any legitimate news source and there will be an article referring to a direct correlation of higher ocean temperatures and increased hurricane activity. However, none of the articles I've reviewed specifically link humans as the cause for global warming.

"Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, have found that the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes worldwide has almost doubled in the last 35 years as sea surface temperatures have risen. Their study, published Friday in the journal Science, provides more evidence that hurricane frequency and intensity may increase as global warming continues because warmer seas accelerate the hydrological cycle."

Will Bush be Blamed for the Next Nagin Blunder?

In what is more than likely an attempt to save his re-election as mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin is allowing residents to return to the city.

"In what appears to be yet a another nutty Nagin decision (the city's residents are still reeling from his refusal to transport them out of the city on New Orleans' buses), the still-current Mayor has decided to allow 180,000 residents back into the city next week--with no potable water--and a levee system that is barely functional."

This, of course, is in my humble opinion.

Constitution, citizenship ... an education

"A new DoD Web site ... contains a 20-minute course on the Constitution that highlights the relationship between the Constitution and DoD employees. Also included is the complete text of the Constitution, an interactive timeline of events before and after the signing of the document, and a question-and-answer section."

Full article here.

Look out, it's Hurricane Rita

"Tourists fled and retailers boarded up their stores in the vulnerable Florida Keys on Monday as Tropical Storm Rita strengthened near the Bahamas, looking poised to power its way into the Gulf of Mexico. Three weeks after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, killing hundreds, Rita was expected to become a hurricane by late Monday and then move between southern Florida and Cuba before making its way toward battered Louisiana or the Texas coast. Rita was likely to become a major hurricane with winds of at least 111 mph (178 kph) as it drew strength from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, said Max Mayfield, director the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami."

Computer is broke

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