Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Where's help for Lake Charles

Granted, New Orleans is a much larger city and has a greater economic impact; however, southwest Louisiana (where Lake Charles is located) received nominal news coverage and subsequently diminished federal aid following Hurricane Rita.

Despite this, "(Lake Charles) leaders exude a can-do attitude that offers a sharp contrast with unrelenting criticism of state and federal officials elsewhere." (See "Google Blog Search: Louisiana, Politicians). In fact, the AP and KPLC-TV reported right after Hurricane Rita that FEMA could not help the Lake Charles "because the region hadn't been declared a disaster area."

This didn't stop victims of Hurricane Rita. When evaluating them, Michael Graham described the people of southwest Louisiana as being 'made of sterner stuff then you'll find in the Ninth Ward.' Pushing the point home, Graham notes that TV news viewers will not see these residents "blaming Pres. George Bush, looking for handouts and wondering where FEMA is."

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