Tuesday, December 13, 2005

U.N. control of the Internet

As mentioned last month, "abusers of civil rights — Cuba, China, Iran, Brazil and others — want the U.S. to rescind control of the Internet to the U.N."

A few weeks later the Chinese government shoots a bunch of people, tries to hide it and then makes 'a rare public admission'.

However, Reporters sans frontières notes that "Chinese authorities have imposed a news blackout after police brutally put down demonstrations in Dongzhou, a provincial village in south-eastern Guangdong province. Reporters Without Borders has uncovered draconian measures put in place to prevent news filtering out about the 6 December incidents through the local and foreign media, as well as by censoring any message posted about it on the Internet ... The authorities have completely distorted news about these events. It is a striking demonstration of China’s capacity to censure both the traditional media and the Internet, the worldwide press freedom organisation said."

I figure this is how the Internet will be once the U.N. takes control of it. Looks like I may actually read a newspaper again.


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