Monday, December 19, 2005

There's no going home

Last week California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied a stay of execution for Tookie Williams. A few people weren't happy about that (I'm guessing Tookie was one of those), including Arnold's Austrian hometown of Graz.
Schwarzenegger severs ties with Austrian hometown: "California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cut his honorary ties to his hometown in Austria on Monday after officials in Graz criticized him for denying clemency to a death row inmate.

Schwarzenegger demanded that Graz stop using his name on a sports stadium and in promotions and returned a 'ring of honor' he had been awarded by city officials in 1999, saying politicians in his hometown appeared to have rejected him.

A petition drive had been launched in Graz to have the town rename a stadium that has been named after Schwarzenegger because the Austrian-born governor allowed the execution of death-row inmate Stanley Tookie Williams this month."
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