Sunday, December 11, 2005

More on Forbes, blogs

In November, Forbes published an article about the impact blogs have on business success and failure. The article suggested victims become vigilant in monitoring the blogosphere for potential problems.

I haven't 'bashed' any products or companies, but today I noticed a visit from Brandimensions. According to the company's web site:
"The Internet is an enormous and rapidly growing wellspring of dynamic information. The Brandimensions market intelligence service captures and analyzes buzz commentary generated on a daily basis by customers, potential customers, competitors, journalists and industry professionals. The research and information captured in Brandimensions market intelligence reports enable global companies to drive critical business decisions about brands, marketing, product development and public relations, in a timely, results oriented, tactical manner. Within hours of a new product or message release, Brandimensions analytical indexes deliver business value through a series of leading indicators, including consumer purchasing intent, customer satisfaction, brand and message perception, product performance and competitive positioning."
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