Friday, December 02, 2005

More contradictions on global warming

Global warming is a serious issue of conflict among intellectuals, experts, environmentalists and the lay person alike. There seems to be no agreement among any of these groups and arguments continue to develop even among those purported to be environmental experts.

In an article on, Steven Milloy of writes, "... the U.S. isn’t the 'real problem' for global warmers – reality is. First, the available scientific data simply don’t add up to their desired conclusion that humans are harming global climate ... the Kyoto protocol itself has been a colossal flop. European signatories to the treaty aren’t meeting their current emissions reduction targets, aren’t likely to in the future, and are looking for ways out of their commitments."

Environmental pundits are never happy unless we're all miserable. Greenpeace and other leeches want to halt the efforts of Mother Nature. They do this despite scientific fact that the earth is exiting an ice age and no evidence can contradict "that global warming is NOT a normal cyclical trend between periods of global cooling, or that it is caused by CO2 and other so-called 'greenhouse gasses'."

Sure, one day the polar ice caps will completely melt and the earth as we know if will cease to exist. The best we can hope for with such actions as the Kyoto Protocol is the prolong the inevitable.

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