Sunday, December 04, 2005

Latest on N.O.P.D. resignation

When New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass resigned udruptly in September, many speculated he did so for reasons related to corruption.

The Dead Pelican reports from sources that the resignation was "brought about by a number of factors that were rapidly approaching critical mass. In other words, the situation had reached a level at which things can no longer be concealed, hushed up or downplayed without calling in too many favors or costing too much money. In other words, Ray Nagin wasn't about to risk his political career to cover up for Compass any more than he already had without implicating himself in the upcoming scandals, so he orchestrated Compass' move to the private sector, sources tell The Dead Pelican ... Sources also say that both Compass and his wife were in possession of, and using daily, cars that had been 'appropriated' from Sewell Cadillac right after the hurricane! This was widely known at 'street level' and also known to AG Foti's investigation of the post-Katrina looting of Sewell Cadillac by NOPD, sources tell Rogers. Well placed insiders tell The Dead Pelican that it is all being 'hushed up' for political reasons. Compass isn't the only big shot who got a 'free ride,' sources tell The Dead Pelican."

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