Sunday, December 11, 2005

Islamic Crescent of Embrace

Though the memorial for Flight 93 has been re-designed, it is still considered by many to be an Islamo-fascist shrine.

According to Error Theory:
"The redesigned flight 93 memorial, announced today, still contains all of the features that made it a terrorist memorial. Architect Paul Murdoch's infamous red crescent is still there, still planted with red maple trees, still inscribed in the exact same circle as before, and with the same two crescent tips still intact. Thus the crescent bisector defined by these crescent tips is also the same as before. It still points almost exactly to Mecca, making the crescent a Mihrab (an Islamic prayer station, where the believer faces into a crescent, towards Mecca, to perform his ritual prostrations). The design still incorporates a separate upper terrorist-memorial wall, centered precisely on the red-maple crescent [placing this upper section of wall, and the copse of trees that surround it, precisely in the location of the star on an Islamic flag]. There are still 44 translucent blocks on the flight path to the crash site, matching the total number of dead, instead of just the forty translucent blocks that are dedicated to the forty murdered Americans. Lastly, the Tower of Voices part of the memorial is still an Islamic prayer-time sundial." (The plans, provided by the National Park Service, can be found here.)
In case you missed it, the site will memorialize the 44 people who died on Flight 93. To be exact, that's forty "murdered Americans" and four terrorists. Yes, the terrorists (murderers) are being memorialized.

The issue of the memorial first came to my attention with a blurb about a Pennsylvanian minister who argued about the Islamic symbolism. According to Ron McRae, the site "resembles Islam's symbolic crescent moon and star." Shortly thereafter, Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado was called Islamophobic by the Council of American-Islamic Relations for agreeing that the memorial "too closely represents the symbol of Islam."

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