Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hypocrite of the Day Award

By now it's all over the sportscasts how much of a hypocrite Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice is for blasting the team's season ticket holders for selling their tickets to Pittsburgh Steelers fans. The two matched up last week in Minnesota in a game that, if they had won, would have brightened the Vikings playoff hopes.

If you recall, Mike was caught scalping his 12 tickets to last year's Super Bowl. The NFL and Vikings management had a problem with that.

Deadspin (You're Doing A Heckuva Job, Ticey) makes the point this way: "Imagine, if you will, Ron Artest blasting fans for getting in fights, or Damon Stoudamire organizing a protest against High Times, or Fred Smoot screaming at those who would use contraptions to 'please' two women who happened to be lying prostrate on the deck of a boat. Hypothetically speaking. Vikings coach Mike Tice, continuing his pitch-perfect sense of proper public relations, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that there were too many Steelers fans at the Metrodome last weekend and that fans who scalped their tickets [are] 'not really diehard season-ticket holders.'"

Reporting last year on Mike's ticket scalping fiasco, Charles Robinson makes in interesting point about the NFL's hypocricy.

Charles tells the story of New England Patriots season ticket holder Marcia Kringel and the hoops she had to jump through to be at Super Bowl XXXVIII, which featured New England and the Carolina Panthers. Marcia was in a 10-year season ticket contract to the tune of $75,000. She was having problems finding tickets until the Patriots front office called to offer two Super Bowl tickets. They came at a price well beyond the $500 face value of each ticket. Marcia said, "... I had to extend the lease on my club seats another five years. And during that five-year extension, the price of my two season tickets would be $9,000 a year total – an increase of $1,500 a year more than I was paying on the first 10-year contract.'"

See also:
  • Philadelphia Daily News: Tice re-sells out fans: "So, it's perfectly fine for Mike Tice to scalp tickets but it's not fine for anyone else. Remember earlier this year when Tice, the Minnesota Vikings coach, was caught scalping some of his NFL-provided 12 Super Bowl tickets? He was reprimanded and, some thought, might even lose his job. He even was fined $100,000. Well, Capt. Scalp, something of an expert about re-selling tickets, told Minneapolis' Star Tribune that he is annoyed with the number of Steelers fans who watched Pittsburgh beat the Vikings on Sunday in the Metrodome."


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