Thursday, December 29, 2005

Be happy when American soldiers die?

It's amazing the level of stupidty a person can find on the Internet. Whether it's this blog or the web site of Citizens Against the Troops, all sorts of sordid intelligence abound on the Internet. It's hard to tell if the organizers of the site are for real or are just trying to spark a response from visitors. For instance, they have a quote at the top of the page purporting to be from GreenSoft Solutions Inc.; however, a quick visit yields this:
"GreenSoft Solutions, Inc. (GSI) has recently been sited by a fraudulent web site portraying one of our employees as a supporter of the site, and the content therein. GSI is NOT a supporter of this site, or any related site, and has no relationship, affiliation or control over this site. The authors of this site are not a customer, past or present, of GSI or any GSI affiliated organization.

We apologize for their misrepresentation of our views, or the views of any of our employees. We have refused to comply with any of the coercive tactics and requests of the authors when we demanded that all GSI references be removed from their site."
Below are random bits of information quoted from Citizens Against the Troops:
  • "One of the many goals of this site is to protest, and suggest reform for, the military pay, benefit, and pension structure. As it stands currently, the compensation, benefit, and retirement packages that our active duty and retired military personnel get is outrageous, obscene, unearned, and above all: undeserved."
  • "The purpose of Citizens Against The Troops is to protest, and perhaps suggest ways to improve, the military pay and benefits structure. Many soldiers who sign up today do it to leech off the system, paid for by our tax dollars. Granted, there are plenty who join out of geniune patriotic intent, but that does not change the fact that the excessive pay needs to stop. Therefore, their true motivation is called into question, thereby creating the need to oppose them, while not wishing them physical harm (but not being saddened when it happens)."
  • "To the left, you see a soldier crying like a bitch. Maybe that's because he realizes his life is a joke. Each soldier should bear the responsibility to support themselves financially, while in the military. Do not force the innocent taxpayer to foot the bill. Oh, let the military supply their precious housing, but don't pay their rent and their salary. That is where the notion of excessive pay comes into play. There is presently no soldier in service who was drafted. Every single person chose to sign on the dotted line. Therefore, we as the taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill for someone else's choice. Along those same lines, if a soldier dies, the country shouldn't pay anything. Death is a known risk of joining the military, so the soldier should be prepared accordingly. Elimination of death benefits would be a step in the right direction, and would save quite a bit of tax money."
  • "The count of dead scumbags rises often. When the body count does rise, we celebrate American stupidity. Remember: A soldier who dies for his country still dies and another dude gets his bitch. We are citizens against the U.S. troops. Donald Rumsfeld is pledging that the number of troops in Iraq will be reduced, but does this mean that those scumbags will be kicked out of the military? Nope. They will continue to live the cushy life at the expense of the taxpayer. Over the holiday weekend, at least three scumbags died. Semper Cry!"
  • "A soldier is dead in Iraq. The story goes that he died for his country, but the moral of the story is that he's dead and now another man gets his woman. Worse than that, however, is the fact that the taxpayers must now dole out $400,000 due to his poor life decisions, and essentially support his miserable scumbag family."
  • "A U.S. scumbag is left to rot in a pool of his own blood, and that is just as it should be."
  • "The taxpayers should not have to pay for burial. If civilian life insurance won’t cover it (i.e. act of war) then the family should pay for it, just as it is in the real world. How is it the taxpayers' fault they chose to join, and the risk of death was greatly increased? Eliminating these benefits, among others, will save the taxpayers billions of dollars, and it will ensure these scumbags do not get funds they do not deserve, in life or in death."
The web site also includes support for the Westboro Baptist Church. If you've never heard of Fred Phelps and the 'church' then you may want to check it out. Note that this organization is worse than Citizens Against the Troops. (I've blogged about Fred Phelps before.)

Thanks to Right Wing News for the update.


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