Friday, December 09, 2005

10 things I saw on the Internet today

  1. When it comes to shopping, ever wonder where would Jesus shop?
  2. A soldier involved in providing faked photos of Iraqi abuse at the hands of British soldiers has "escaped facing criminal charges and a military court martial."
  3. Your wife leaves you to marry your step daughter's biological father and you still have to pay child support.
  4. Certainly not because they deserve it, but somehow Florida State is matched up with Penn State in the FedEx Orange Bowl.
  5. It's snowing so expect gas prices to increase.
  6. Some people still believe we can stop global warming.
  7. Be afraid. Be very afraid. PETA is on the hunt.
  8. Don't ever forget that you have no privacy when at work.
  9. The Hurricane Katrina victimes crying 'racism' really just don't like Bush.
  10. New Orleans residents are biting the hand that feeds them.


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