Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sometimes, no news is good news

It's been one hell of a year for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. It started with her run ins with N.O. Saints owner Tom Benson (who I despise) over tax-based subsidies. It continued wtih threats from Benson that he was going to move the team if a new stadium wasn't built. Follow that with state deficit issues and a hurricane, and things just aren't going well for her.

Now Time magazine has named her one of the top five worst governors across the country.

As we all know, New Orleans was one giant cess pool after Hurricane Katrina (which isn't a stretch from what it was before the storm) and the nation was able to see ineptness on her part, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, other state politicians and the federal government. As the Time article puts it, "Failures aren't born. They're made."

See also:
  • Kathleen Babineaux Blanco: "Failures aren't born. They're made. Before Hurricane Katrina, it wasn't the job of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco to plan for the evacuation of the elderly and poor from New Orleans. Afterward, she wasn't in charge of the federal response. But it was her job to give her constituents heart by looking decisive, steadfast and capable. Even if she wasn't. When it mattered most, Blanco appeared 'dazed and confused,' says Bernie Pinsonat, a bipartisan political consultant in Baton Rouge, La. When NBC's Matt Lauer asked her whether it was hard to find words to reassure the public, she tried to muster optimism, then circled back to despair. 'You know, our people out here are so fearful. They're so worried ... It's a nightmare.'"
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