Tuesday, November 08, 2005

All U.S. problems solved, government looks to cure those of other countries

When I lived in Saudi Arabia, it took an act of Congress (literary license) to get my mother a driver's license. At Christmas, the local police made rounds and forced people to remove any exterior displays of the holiday from their homes. TV was basically nonexistent other than daily televised prayer. Luggage was searched for contraband when entering or departing the country. Speaking of contraband, my father (and many others) discretely made their own beer and wine since alcohol is outlawed in the country.

However, we lived by their rules just as American's (except for the ACLU and like-minded fools) expect foreigners to do here.

As we've seen with the Iraqi fiasco, the U.S. government is more eager to become involved abroad than domestically. When our elected officials decide to solve home-based issues, they focus on steroids in baseball. I'm guessing that issues with education, social security, political abuse of power, and other issues of the ilk are not as important as getting Saudi Arabia to provide greater religious freedom. Apparently that country's 'restrictions on the freedom of worship' are of great concern for the state department and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that discussions are in place to develop 'progress on important religious freedom issues.'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't a bit unffair to imply that the US government, via Ms. Rice, is concerned MORE with international affairs than with domestic difficulties. After all, The US is considered to be one of, if not THE, leaders of the world. Could it be said that international affairs are undeniably linked to domestic affairs. We are moving more and more into a worldwide economy and for the US to remain introvertedly silent could prove devastating to it's position in the economical future of the world. As a leader, we have not only the right, but the reponsibility, to speak out for what is in the best interests. This is to speak nothing of the religious aspect. There have been more wars waged over religion than all other causes combined. Terrorism in the modern world is rooted in religious hatred. So, though there are domestic problems escalating due to partisan and corrupt politics, to criticize this administration for going AWOL due to the concerns in foreign affairs is a bit strong. All that is going on here is giving a status to a country that is intolerant of everything not Muslim, including a powerful country that is considered to be of Judaeo-Christian priciples. Remember the government was established to provide peace, civility, and to protect. If anything, they have tremendously overgrown their domestic responsibilties to appease the slothful masses of a generation that believes everything has to be done for them. - See you next weekend St. Christopher

11/11/2005 9:56 AM  

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