Sunday, October 16, 2005

Practice 1st Amendment, get your ass kicked

"As a campus police officer put Tariq Khan in a chokehold, a lunchtime crowd at George Mason University began egging the officer on. Chants of 'Kick his ass! Kick his ass!' were intermingled with cries of 'Punch him!' 'Kick him!' and 'Take him down!' Two students — one had earlier ripped a sign off Khan's chest, the other had repeatedly called him a 'pussy' — and a computer-lab staff member assisted the officer in 'apprehending' Khan, as university spokesperson Dan Walsch put it, by piling on top of him and twisting his body until he cried out in pain. Khan, 27, a four-year Air Force veteran and a junior at GMU, had been walking through the Johnson Center on September 29 when he saw a Marine recruiter. He made up a sign, 'Recruiters lie. Don't be deceived,' and silently stood next to the recruiter's table."



Blogger Jack Coffee said...

Everyone has the right of free speech. No one has a right to be heard.

10/17/2005 2:47 AM  

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