Tuesday, October 25, 2005

MoveOn.org profits from death

"Never underestimate MoveOn.org's willingness to capitalize on death. They are running an ad highlighting two thousand soliders who have died while in service in Iraq (not necessarily as a result of combat) and, of course, asking for money to help them run the ad. While the left likes to compare Iraq to Vietnam, we should keep in mind that over 58,000 soldiers died in the jungles of Southeast Asia. 2,000 lives is 2,000 too many, but one can easily get the sense that MoveOn and the left has been waiting for this moment to celebrate. It provides them another opportunity to attack the war effort (though probably it will be no more effective than at the 1,000 mark). While they are visualizing world peace, I can see the champagne flowing in their offices -- but only momentarily. They'll soon be firing up their campaign hoping to make more money if the number ever reaches 3,000."


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