Saturday, October 29, 2005

Louisiana politicians a sinful lot

"When the State Bond Commission got the chance Tuesday to fix a grievous mistake, an overwhelming majority of members decided to blow it. After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita visited untold misery upon South Louisiana, the Bond Commission voted Oct. 20 to postpone $45 million in projects in storm-ravaged areas and redirect the money to 73 projects in other parts of the state. In humanitarian terms, that vote was unconscionable. And at a time when Louisiana is seeking a huge infusion of help from Washington — and when members of Congress are questioning the state's ability to use money sensibly — the decision was downright obtuse."


See also:
  • FLASH SHEET: "The recent bond commission meeting has drawn considerable outrage across the state. Those who voted to adjoun the meeting were basically voting for $45 million in questionable projects, or 'pork barrel' spending. Below is a complete list of those who voted for and against adjourning. Just click on the name to send an email. You can also call each member at the phone number to the right of each person's name."


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