Saturday, October 22, 2005

Interesting happenings with spyware

Spyware is nothing new. Spyware from a well known and 'respected' software company is another thing.

"Rejoice gaming fans, for the latest new 'feature' of Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit multi-player online videogame World of Warcraft is here! No, it’s not a new Sword of Destruction or Staff of Power—it’s spyware! Yes, unbeknownst to many gamers, World of Warcraft now has an unwanted special feature—a hidden program called 'Warden' that snoops gamers’ computers looking for any 'unauthorized third-party program' that 'enables or facilitates cheating of any type.' According to Greg Hoglund, co-author of 'Exploiting Software, How to Break Code,' this hidden program opens every process on a gamer’s computer, from email programs to privacy managers, and sniffs email addresses, website URLs open at the time of the scan, and the names of all running programs—whether or not those programs, emails, or websites could conceivably have anything to do with hacking. Blizzard calls this an 'anti-cheating system.' We call it a massive invasion of privacy."



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