Monday, October 31, 2005

Forbes and the attack of the killer blogs

After seeing comments about a Forbes magazine article, Attack of the Blogs (They destroy brands and wreck lives. Is there any way to fight back?), I was concerned about the full scope and impact it might have on the blogging community. I quickly made a reference to the article and eventually picked up a copy of the magazine.

The article essentially provides insight into how the business community is affected by blogs, how bloggers feed off of each other and how misinformation (either intentionally or unintentionally) spreads fervently. The article could have easily been titled, "Corporate Espionage by Blog," as it delves into how several companies were rendered helpless thanks to the illicit attacks of a sanctimonious blogging community.

It's difficult, the Forbes article points out, to fight a blog attack because of specific laws protecting the digital community. Therefore, it's harder to fight the libel often found in these extreme blogs much less track down the typically anonymous bloggers.

Anonymity is kept for various reasons. For instance, I maintain my anonymity on this blog for specific reasons. However, one of those reasons is not due to any illegal activities. I stay conscientious of libel as well as using reputable media outlets as my chief sources of information. If possible, I look for multiple sources. In the case of the Forbes article, I bought a copy for a first-hand review.

The article, in my opinion, was not attacking blogs in general, but those blogs which attack behind a shield of falsehoods until the intended victim(s) has succumbed to the aggrandized blitzkrieg. It can get disgusting.

Don't take my word for it. Spend $5 to buy the magazine and read for yourself.

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