Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The electric bill

I just got my September electricity bill. From August to September, I actually used less electricty but my bill was twice as much. Why? Well, the fuel conversion surcharge (the fee they steal from the consumer to turn oil, coal or whatever into electricity) mysteriously doubled in a month's time and I've got to pay it.

Now I see that Entergy Corp., the major electric utility for Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, estimates no less than $700 million in damages due to Hurricane Katrina. Compound that with the some 123,000 customers that still don't have electricty and you've got one hell of a profit loss.

Just like the major oil refiners though, Entergy is making money hand over fist compared to the third quarter of 2004. Yep, still raping the consumer.

How are they doing it, you ask? According to Entergy, "the increased earnings would be due to a hotter-than-normal summer, lower operation and maintenance expenses and the recent impact of a share buyback program." They've reduced operation and maintenance expenses, but I'm paying double the fuel costs.



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