Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Difference between 9th Ward and Pakistan

A political debacle ensued when Hurricane Katrina leveled destruction and flooding in and around New Orleans. Search and rescue efforts were slow in coming and were further inhibited by the ineptness of Louisiana's political leaders.

Then, nearly seven weeks later, an earthquake wreaked further ruin across an already-devastated Pakistan. Similarly, aid was slow in coming.

This is where the tide turns a bit with the story of Imdad ul-Haq Mian. His tale begins when the earthquake leveled his village, much as had been done in Gunela and Khesarash. These villages, it is reported, the temperature is cold, food is scarce and children have died. Unlike the citizens of New Orleans who waited for a helping hand(out), "Mr. Mian and his kinfolk had trekked six hours through the hills, across loose, slip-sliding rocks, to bring the wounded from Dabriyan to a makeshift clinic ..." He's not the only one with a similar story.



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