Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"we all mourn in differant ways!"

From "The Baxter" [i run erands....everyday on the way to the target store, I SEE CRAP, ignorant people and stuff that tickles my anger bone. now enjoy my journeys(and mis spellings)]:

"Americans have a short attention span when it comes to life, hurricane this, aruban rapist that, then 'oh look, something shiney..... huh the space shuttle blew up??? what about the greenbay packers???' schiavos in Iraq? cool. now that the NFL season is powering up, i can only hope cowboy fans and 'settlers' from the big easy can all get along! some of the refugee's had swords and were yelling dirty words at authorities, i read that online (internet=truth) Mardi gras planners hope to still set up for this years events....they admit it will be 'scaled back' a bit! really??? my guess is one tent, and a kick ass kegger. maybe if all the christians would start buying the 'GIRLS GONE WILD' videos we could rebuild this city!"


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