Thursday, September 29, 2005

UPDATE: Shreveport hates evacuees

Hurricane Katrina and Rita refugees were kicked out of the CenturyTel Arena in Shreveport, La, and shipped to the CajunDome in Lafayette, La.

"Cajundome director Greg Davis says without any notice, five more buses showed up from Bossier City. He says CenturyTel Arena evidently didn't want the residents that evacuated to their facility from Cameron, Calcasieu, Vermilion and Iberia because that's who the evacuees were who arrived on the extra buses. Davis says the residents told him the facility kicked them out. Parish President Joey Durel says it really was something officials weren't prepared for, weren't set up for and it obviously took several more hours to get those people processed and comfortable and documented. He says it was an unfortunate thing that happened, but of course, they got the job done. Durel and Davis tell us they believe the evacuees were forced from their shelter because of a scheduled hockey game in Bossier City this weekend. While both men are disappointed in the way things unfolded, they say they are dedicated to making evacuees as comfortable as possible."


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