Friday, September 16, 2005

President Bush's Address to the Nation

"When the streets are rebuilt, there should be many new businesses, including minority-owned businesses, along those streets. When the houses are rebuilt, more families should own, not rent, those houses. When the regional economy revives, local people should be prepared for the jobs being created."

All deserve representation as well as opportunities; however, Bush's speech was purely political rhetoric in part designed to placate minorities. However, more than the poor and black were affected by Hurricane Katrina's devastation. While these people are receiving handouts for doing nothing, what will be done for those who have spent their lives striving to improve their lives on all fronts?

If people want to own a home, work for it like myself and millions of others have done. You're a mintority and want to own a business? Work for it. Don't ask for a handout.

This, as usual, is in my humble opinion.


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