Friday, September 16, 2005

"Post-Disaster Musings: Footnotes to Failure"

Highlights from Norman Liebmann.
  • "The calamity of New Orleans gave the Democrats their opportunity to implement the bureaucrat's all-purpose panacea - that nothing should be done for the first time - and if it should, it shouldn't be now - so they did nothing and didn't wait for the last moment to get their neglect rolling. Louisiana's Senator Mary Landrieu's solution was to threaten to beat up The President of the United States. (Don King has already contacted both principals with an offer to promote the event in Madison Square Garden.)"
  • "The Clintons, Kennedys, Boxers, Feinsteins, Schumers, Leahys and other Caucasian champions of black America found that alleviating suffering is no substitute for making political capital. (One Democrat suggested an airdrop of checks for reparations enclosed with photographs of former KKK member, Senator Robert C. Byrd, in his Grand Kleagle togs to give the recipients a sense of justification for bankrupting the nation because of something that happened more than a hundred and fifty years ago.) Senate Democrats would have done better to dispatch Teddy Kennedy to the "rescue", as he is the resident expert on driving under water. Some cultists believe the angry Goddess Katrina would be assuaged by an act of atonement such as making Teddy confess for his responsibility for the watery death of Mary Jo Kopechne - and possibly name Jack Daniels as his accomplice.)"
  • "Between the turbulent waters and Jesse Jackson's rhetoric, every toilet in New Orleans overflowed. As always, Jackson hastened to the scene of every disaster to begin color-coding the survivors. His endless allusions to race characterized New Orleans less as a city in distress, but more as a water-logged plantation. So far, Al Sharpton's most inspired idea for flood control has been to pass among the survivors with a sponge. Unhappily, Sharpton confirmed the widely-held view that a buffoon who takes himself seriously can eventually get the non-buffoons to take him just as seriously. It is said that Minister Al, a self-instructed expert on The Dark Continent, believes that Zululand is not a region of Africa but a theater in downtown Detroit. It is reported that Louis Farrakhan did not send any of his Nation of Islam militants to rescue people drowning in the streets of New Orleans, as they do not make scuba suits that come with bowties."
  • "When catastrophe befell what was largely a city whose population is mostly black, those who showed up with sustenance were mostly white. Yet, it was Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and hip-hopper, Kanye West, who urged their people to spit in the face of their salvation. The proponents of black activism are thus fueled with a lust for unearned revenge. Bitterness seems to be the one emotion of which this minority does not seem to feel emotionally deprived."
  • "Inevitably, the Hollywood people saw Katrina as a publicity bonanza. Sean Penn set out to rescue people by boat. Such heroics have not been attempted since Nelson Eddy retired from films. Two hours out, Penn's entourage was already plotting a mutiny because the hors d'oeuvres got saturated. Sean's skills as a helmsmen were so meager that he could jackknife a rowboat. Inevitably his dinghy sprung a leak. As bodies bobbed in the water near his craft, the self-concerned Penn lamented, "Why does everything have to happen to me?" Perhaps it was Karma's Way of telling Penn to go soak his head. (When the engineers get though in New Orleans they might start pumping the bilge out of Hollywood.)"


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