Monday, September 19, 2005

Nagin's stupidity in lieu of common sense

Everyday New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin exemplifies why he'll be re-elected. It's the sheer brilliance that the man portrays and his complete grasp of how to help his constituents. This man should run for governor or even president. He's the best!

Nagin, who earlier chastised Thad Allen for anointing himself the "new crowned federal mayor of New Orleans", has decided that perhaps it's best to suspend all re-entry into the city and is encouraging "everyone in the area to evacuate."

Earlier reports stated: "Nagin is responding to Thad Allen's repeated public comments questioning if the city is ready for people to return. Residents started trickling back in Monday under Nagin's phased return. Allen has been warning about the lack of safe drinking water, shaky city services and threat of another storm. Nagin told Fox News that residents 'deserve the opportunity to see what they have left and what they can salvage.' He said if Allen is suggesting he is 'pushing a little hard,' the admiral is right. An Army Corps of Engineers commander in charge of draining the city said depending on Tropical Storm Rita's path and strength, people may have to evacuate again."

Later in the day, Nagin changed his mind and cancelled the all-clear order, stating, "Our levee systems are still in a very weak condition. Any type of storm that hits us will put ... us into harm's way."


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