Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Meet The Press: The GOP's PR firm

National Ledger: "Tim Russert had a chance to fess up to his viewers on Sunday and let them know that his 'Meet the Press' show was used for political propaganda by Jefferson (La.) Parish President Aaron Broussard on September 4 when Broussard embellished a story about a mother of an employee that perished in the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina. Russert failed." "For the last handful of holdouts who may have harbored any doubt about Tim Russert’s purpose in life, we now know for certain: He is a bought and paid for Republican corporate shill placed there to do the bidding of his masters, Jack Welch [GE's former CEO] and George W. Bush. What a truly reprehensible and loathsome human being this guy Russert is. It was sad, truly sad, to watch the once-venerable and once-respected program Meet the Press this Sunday as it was being usurped in a seedy and sordid effort to grind away at the credibility of Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, a man who had the temerity to accuse Bush’s federal government of wrongdoing during Hurricane Katrina."

The Moderate Voice: "What did Russert do yesterday? He fell into two traps: (1) He made the esssence of his interview exposing Broussard, who seemed dismayed by the implication that because the timeline of his tale (which turns out to be incredibly second hand) was seriously wrong somehow the federal government didn't do a poor job in New Orleans. (2) Russert's questioning indeed made it sound as if he was trying to compensate for his earlier broadcast by suggesting that the federal government did get a bum rap."


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