Saturday, September 10, 2005

Meet Jesse Jackson ... the town idot

On a recent edition of Hannity & Colmes Jesse Jackson states that New Orleons Mayor Ray Nagin isn't to blame because he only "had a five-day warning about the storm coming Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday by the meteorologists. And emergency preparedness was not even prepared for the emergency. So that was no massive plan for rescue and for relocation and for relief and family reunification and reconstruction. That's bigger than a given mayor."

I guess he's not aware of the city's emergency preparedness plan. He is right though, the catastrophe does involve more people than Mayor Nagin.

Jackson excuses the lack of the city's effort to utilize unused buses to evacuate people ahead of the storm. He says that the mayor didn't do this because he there was no place to put them. Well, I counter, where are all of the refugees now? It seems that many, many places have opened up to serve as temporary homes for these people. What would be the argument had it been a white mayor, either Democrat or Republican?

This, of course, is in my humble opinion.


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