Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A look at the Louisiana spin

"Internet kooks, talk radio hosts, and the voices of Louisiana's media underground are livid. Many of them are alleging a sham in Louisiana's mass media during, and now after Katrina. As documented in the national press, Governor Kathleen Blanco and mayor Ray Nagin were criticized for the Louisiana's limp response. Mayor Ray Nagin has gone on record blaming the feds. In his now notorious interview with WWL, he told the feds to 'get off your asses.' He lashed out saying that '...you probably have thousands of people that have died and thousands more that are dying every day...' At this time, the body count is less than 800. To date, the biggest mistake he's admitted is that he expected the 'calvary to arrive.' For all his carping about the Feds, Mayor Nagin didn't seem too pleased when they tried to show authority. On Fox News, he was asked about Admirial Thad Allen's comments that it's too soon to bring everyone home to NO. He respoded with sarcasm, saying I'm a little surprised he came out public with that statement, I don't know, guess since I've been gone a couple of days he is the new crowned mayor of NO.' A bit of sarcasm there Mr. Mayor?"


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