Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A list of things that suck

Things that Suck
by Michael John McCrae
  • Congressman and confirmed racist Charles Rangel (D-NY) and his incessant calls for the reintroduction of the military draft sucks. This blurb-brained and scurrilous congressman called for a racial breakdown of all the people that have been killed and maimed by the Iraq conflict. He found the greater proportion of the dead and injured are young white men so he isn’t pursuing his idea much further. He is determined to find some avenue where he can blame the President for the deaths of all black people everywhere. The man is a racist idiot. Did I mention he sucks?
  • Cindy Sheehan sucks. I tried to be nice but she’s not letting me. She has brought shame upon her own son who volunteered to protect America. She blames Bush and Israel for a war begun by Islam. She should be blaming Islam. She doesn’t, therefore, logically, she is just silly. One of her own Anti-War buddies; seeing the real Cindy Sheehan for the first time, recently was quoted: 'They've lost their homes, jobs and businesses and gone through fear and panic while you bask in your fan's adulation, party with your celebrity friends and play the star. Shame on you, you're jealous of media coverage of others' suffering. You've become a caricature and I no longer support you. I'm ashamed I ever did.' ( This was after Cindy decried the media for showing more hurricane coverage than coverage of her personal pogrom against all things Republican. Did I mention she sucks?
  • Holland sucks. Instead of helping solve the mystery in Aruba, they managed to heighten all suspicion by giving sanctuary to possible murderers. I am really not feeling sorry for their current woes with Islamists. Holland really sucks.
  • France and Germany still suck. That’s nothing new.
  • The United Nations sucks. Perhaps that entity doesn’t suck as much as France, Germany or Holland independently, but France, Germany and Holland are all members of the United Nations making it suck all that much more.
  • Liberalism sucks. Liberals have no ideas. Liberals are comforted by hatred. They hate anything that speaks or acts against abortion (which is murder) or tax increases (which is theft) or the anti-war effort (which is treason) or speaks out against Hillary Clinton (which is god).
  • The current government sucks. Where is law enforcement when it comes to immigration and the deportation of all the illegal Democrat voters running around this country? Why is there still a refusal to profile our greatest enemy; terrorist Islam? Why are we still pussyfooting with environmental idiots who insist we cannot drill where we need to and put up clean hydroelectric and nuclear power generating plants? Why is the government still playing the diplomatic card against Iran; a proven enemy of America? Why are we still asking Israel to take it on the chin while we remain in relative comfort? Our current government really does suck.
  • Louis Farrakhan, Barbara Streisand, Cynthia McKinney, Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank, Dick Durbin, Kofi Annan, John Kerry, and a whole host of other mental nood-nicks have been doing a lot of sucking lately. Nothing but gloom and a deep, dark doom pervading every word they speak and every event they sponsor.
  • I am really tired of the whole Bush-Bash mentality of the liberal left. I am tired of Islamic radicalism. I am tired of Louisiana politics. I am tired of the silliness of the entire Senate judicial committee and its treatment of qualified judges, but then I am tired of the judiciary as a whole as it bends over and allows the United States Constitution to be trashed on behalf of special interests and minorities. It all sucks.
"But I sure am happy I live in a country that allows me to point out the card-carrying lunacy of the liberal left and the roll-over-and-play-deadness of the less-than-conservative right."


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