Friday, September 09, 2005

Lies ... they'd make great politicians

In her blog entry, Cindy Sheehan writes, "Well, after what turned out to be a few days rest, instead of a week, I am heading back out on the truth trail. Camp Casey III in Covington, La, is really hopping. Members of our Camp Casey group took 10,000 pounds of supplies to Covington which is a poor African-American town in La." Once again, Cindy, Covington is NOT a "poor African-American town."
"We are putting our money, time, and energy into helping the people of Louisiana. Because of the misplaced priorities of the administration, they have become the collateral damage of this occupation of Iraq ... I was stunned at the level of corruption, incompetence and callousness that was exhibited by this administration towards the disaster of Katrina. How many more innocent people are we going to let their greed and indifference take down with them?"
I have a sneaky feeling that she's not talking about the crooked New Orleans politicians.

As usual, this is in my humble opinion.


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