Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here comes the storm god!

"The New York Times editorially instructs us that just because the two recent hurricanes were not linked specifically to global warming, it 'does not mean that President Bush and the rest of us should not be connecting the dots. These are natural disasters - but with human fingerprints.' Here comes the storm god! Blaming the storm god is not science. The theory proposed is a stretched coincidence at most: If global warming is occurring, if it is caused by mankind, we just had some pretty bad hurricanes. There's nothing to that. In the prehistoric past, our distant ancestors might have blamed the various storm gods for their destructive storms. Today, we have a new myth and we deem it sophisticated; in truth, linking the hurricanes to manmade global warming is even more daft that blaming the storm god. 'The storm god did it' is a simple statement of fact which can be either accepted or rejected. You cannot test it scientifically"


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