Friday, September 09, 2005

Evacuees receiving much love in Ocala, Florida

The same neighborhood association that sued a homeowner to make him remove a flagpole and the American flag from his yard is at it again. The board of the Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association distributed fliers to the 500 homes in the subdivision with instructions that "their deed restrictions prohibit housing people who fled the Gulf Coast." Some homeowners are angry and ashamed by the actions of the association.

Bob Watson and Audrey Andrews, president and vice president (respectively) of the homeowners association, defend their actions in ludicrous fashion. They feel, being single family dwellings, homes in the neighborhood are not capable of handling the legal liability. Watson said he feels bad but there's no real solution.

A description of Majestic Oaks from a cached Google search: "Majestic Oaks neighborhood, located in Southwest Ocala Florida, is picturesque with a mix of retirees and working families. Majestic Oaks is a friendly and safe environment for all. Easy highway access and rural beauty makes Majestic Oaks a premiere neighborhood." Click here for Google's cache of the subdivision's HOA site (complete with address, phone numbers, etc.).

Click here to access Google's cached Majestic Oaks pages (includes neighborhood newsletters, board minutes, contact information, etc.).


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