Thursday, September 29, 2005

Do you have to go No. 2?

"Did that headline in the Los Angeles Times the other day — the one about 'No. 2 Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq is Killed' — look familiar? There's a reason for that: you've read it before, or at least headlines a lot like it. Consider this one — 'Iraqis Nab Top Zarqawi Aide' — that ran on the Fox News Web Site last Jan. 24, 2005, over an Associated Press story reporting the arrest of one Abu Omar al-Kurdi. Or the stories a year earlier reporting the apprehension of one, Husam al-Yemeni, described by the U.S. military as the shadowy Abu Musab Zarqawi's 'right hand man.' It turns out there's quite a pattern here."


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