Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Come on home, Nagin says. It's safe, Nagin says.

"As the floodwater recedes in New Orleans, scientists are testing it and the mud it leaves behind to answer a big question: Is the city on its way to becoming safe to inhabit? The answers aren't all in yet, but many experts are optimistic that most of New Orleans could be safely resettled in a few months. The search for hazardous chemical contamination in the water and flood sediment are part of the larger question of what the long-term environmental impact of Hurricane Katrina will be across the broad region it struck. The hard data scientists need to gauge the long-term risks are still emerging. So far, though, results of the testing in New Orleans are encouraging, says Jerry Fenner, who's leading a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team that is assessing the city's environmental health risks."


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