Friday, September 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan shows her vigilant stupidity

This afternoon I was speaking with an old friend and, living in south Louisiana, the topic of Hurricane Katrina and the after-effects was at the core. We have our disagreements on religion and politics, but that's what makes the world interesting.

We discussed Michael Moore (and how he uses the devastation of others for his capitalist gain) and Cindy Sheehan (with her blatant single-minded political blindness). It's funny because we have opposite political and religious views yet we can call a spade a spade.

"The people in LA who were displaced have nice, if modest homes that are perfectly fine. I wonder why the government made them leave at great expense and uproot families who have been living in their communities for generations."

What?! I'm not sure what she's talking about. Why did the government make them leave? Are you that stupid, Cindy? They were made to leave for their own safety in advance of Hurricane Katrina. After the devastation, they were made to leave for their safety since there was no way the police, fire department or medical service could guarantee prompt response times. Additionally, there was flooding and no electricity or clean, running water. These people aren't used to living in a ditch, Cindy, cut them some slack.

"Algiers had no flooding. All of the damage was from winds. There are trees knocked over and shingles off of roofs. There are signs blown over and there was a dead body lying on the ground for 2 weeks before someone finally came to get it. Even though Algiers came through Katrina relatively unscathed, our federal government tried to force (mostly successfully) the people out of the community."

Finally, a little truth. Algiers came through it all relatively unscathed by the hurricane. However, even more destruction came afterwards. Here is what New Orleans City Councilwoman Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson had to say about life in Algiers during the early days ...
"Algiers was largely spared from Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flood waters ... the sewerage system is operational and that police and National Guard patrols have secured the city. Clarkson said Algiers did not take on water, and that she did not see any homes that were completely destroyed, although many suffered wind damage. She added that the community has running water and safe drinking water. But she fell short of encouraging people to return. Clarkson said the scariest moment came when individuals began storming the doors of the Hyatt, believing there was food and water inside. She said there was little of either."

With the lawlessness, this isn't necessarily the place I would want to be living.


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