Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cigars for everyone

Getting an early jump on his campaign to be Louisiana's next governor, Rep. Bobby Jindal says the government is full of red-tape.

"At a press conference yesterday, the Army general in charge of military relief efforts denounced such complaints in angry and, at times, profane language 'There is no red tape ... There are isolated incidents that people take to paint a broad brush,' Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, said ... after a reporter questioned him about Mr. Jindal's criticism ... Another reporter yesterday asked Gen. Honore about security concerns in New Orleans. 'Have you been to New Orleans? Did anybody accost you? ... You need to get on the streets of New Orleans, you can't sit back here and say what you hear from someone else,' said the commander of the Georgia-based First Army. 'It is secure, we walk around without any issues. Why ... are you trying to make that the issue?'"

In my opinion, I'm glad to see Honore being a bi-partisan offender. Blanco to Bush need to get their acts in order.


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